GrepS is essential in Yoink's recruitment and career progression

Since the founding of Yoink, we have used the GrepS platform to assess the real skill level of candidates. The unique insights provide a proper multi-dimensional overview of the abilities and pitfalls of any developer. The fact that we employ developers from all skill levels means the assessment is much more than a filter for us. It allows us to diagnose the areas in a developer's skills that require additional attention and training. This is why using GrepS is much more than a one-off event during the recruitment process.

Tracking career progression

We also use it to periodically assess career advancement. The growth of the platform also means that we regularly see new assignments become available that focus on different and new areas of the software development process. GrepS has been an integral part of our HR strategy. Combine that with the positive feedback of our candidates and employees on the assessments and I am confident GrepS will continue to help us grow the best professionals we can for years to come.

-- Jan-Hendrik Kuperus, Founder and Director at Yoink