How Code Nomads hired the best software developers world-wide by using Greps

For over 3 years, Code Nomads is using the test platform of GrepS to identify the best senior Java developers worldwide. This is their story.

About Code Nomads

One of GrepS's happy clients is Code Nomads, a software consultancy company in the Netherlands that was looking to hire senior Java developers from all around the world. Code Nomads faced a challenge in assessing the coding skills of candidates who were based in different countries and had various levels of working experience. They needed a standardized and scientific approach to assess the coding skills of candidates.

GrepS provided the perfect solution for Code Nomads. The platform's scientific foundation, hands-on and real-world coding challenges, and fun experience made it the perfect tool for assessing the coding skills of candidates. Code Nomads started using GrepS to assess the coding skills of their candidates and the results were impressive.

How GrepS helped Code Nomads

According to Ramon Wieleman (Director of Code Nomads), "We are extremely happy with GrepS. It has helped us to technically rate the coding skills of our candidates. It's easy to create a test for a candidate: you just fill in their name and email address and the candidate can take the test at their own convenience. The test results are insightful and presented in a nice spiderweb graph. Our candidates also enjoyed solving the problems and found it to be a fun experience."